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Jim Supica

Jim Supica

NRA Museums Director

Prior to taking on oversight of the NRA Museums, Jim Supica was an antique gun dealer, peddling old iron through his mail order catalog, website and auction business. He holds Juris Doctorate and Bachelor degrees from the University of Kansas. Jim is author or co-author of six books on firearms.

He's written numerous articles on gun collecting, including regular columns for American Rifleman and Shotgun News; is a contributing editor for the major firearms price guides; and appears on television, radio and webcasts.

Supica served eight years on the NRA Board of Directors, including stints as chairman of the Publications Policy Committee and Vice Chairman of the Gun Collectors Committee.  He is a past president of the Smith & Wesson Collectors Association and Missouri Valley Arms Collectors Association, a former board member of the Colt Collectors Association, and a member of American Society of Arms Collectors and other collecting and shooting clubs. Jim collects 19th century big frame S&W revolvers and serial number one guns, and his favorite gun in the museum is Theodore Roosevelt's S&W New Model No. 3.

Phil Schreier

Phil Schreier

NRA Museums Senior Curator

A 6th generation native Washingtonian, Phil has been at the NRA Museums for more than 21 years. In his capacity as Senior Curator, he spends quite a bit of time on the road and on the air, bringing the museum's programs and exhibits to a national audience - whether it be at local venues such as Cabela's or at national gun shows.

Phil appears regularly on NRA News, American Rifleman television, the History Channel, A&E and a host of other cable shows with firearms related programming. He also has written dozens of articles on firearms and military-related themes for American Rifleman, Guns & Ammo, Wild West, Shooters Bible and numerous other titles. In 2003, Phil was designated NRA's first accredited war correspondent since World War II and spent 30 days in Iraq with the 101st Division. He visited Afghanistan in 2009 with the 1st MEB.

Phil collects, shoots and hunts with Winchester Model 1895 rifles, favoring Theodore Roosevelt's "Big Medicine for Lions." His favorite gun in the museum is a Joseph Manton fowler made and used by HRH Frederick Augustus, the Duke of York, in the early 1800s. He believes it is one of the most exquisitely manufactured English arms ever made, stunning in its understated elegance and simplicity.

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