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Guns of the Great War

Episode 301

Hosts Phil Schreier and Jim Supica profile some iconic guns of WWI as well as a variety of other firearms- from a long lost percussion shotgun and 1875 Remington revolver at evaluation to a rare Henry rifle up for auction.

America's Shotgun

Episode 302

Co-host Jim Supica explores the saga of America’s favorite shotgun- the Remington 870. Phil Schreier encounters a remarkable Colt revolver on the evaluation table and the guys profile a WWII era Canadian carbine at Rock Island auction house.


The Industrial Revolution

Episode 303

Co-host Phil Schreier reveals the integral role of firearms in the Industrial Revolution, Jim Supica profiles a decommissioned Air Force sidearm and the guy’s head to Rock Island Auction house to check out a pair of flintlock dueling pistols.


Replacing the 1911

Episode 304

Co-host Jim Supica unveils a lesser-known side of the Colt 1911 story, Phil Schreier evaluates a Lewis Jennings breechloader and the boys come across an exquisitely engraved target rifle at Rock Island Auction house.


The .40 Cal. Solution

Episode 305

Co-host Jim Supica explores the tradition of bridging the gap between calibers, Phil Schreier evaluates a Westley Richards Flintlock Fowler and the guys encounter a rare Parker shotgun at Rock Island Auction house.

Hollywood Guns Redux

Episode 306

Co-host Phil Schreier revisits the fascinating world of Hollywood armament, Jim Supica evaluates an early U.S. Navy carbine and, at Rock Island Auction house, the guys examine a Smith & Wesson Registered Magnum.

The Guns of Bass Reeves

Episode 307

Co-host Jim Supica examines the life and firearms of one of the West’s most notable lawmen – Bass Reeves, Phil Schreier evaluates a Cosmopolitan carbine and the guys appraise a Colt factory cutaway at Rock Island Auction house. 

Lewis & Clark Air Rifle

Episode 308

Co-host Phil Schreier highlights an important air rifle from the Lewis & Clark expedition, Jim Supica evaluates a bizarre little .22 and, at Rock Island auction house, the boys encounter a Colt revolver owned by Roy Rogers himself. 

The Plains Rifle

Episode 309

Co-host Jim Supica profiles a gun that helped tame the wild frontier- the Plains Rifle. Phil Schreier evaluates a Griswold & Gunnison revolver and, at Rock Island Auction house, the guys appraise two pistols made for a Saxon Prince.

U.S. 1841 Mississippi Rifle

Episode 310

Co-host Phil Schreier explores some noteworthy firearms from the Revolutionary War, Jim Supica evaluates a U.S. 1841 Mississippi rifle and, at Rock Island Auction house, the guys profile an M1 Garand owned by none other than JFK.

Season 3 of the NRA Gun Gurus

NRA Gun Gurus

Join the NRA Gun Gurus, Jim Supica and Phil Schreier, as they stories behind some of America's most beloved guns, with some of the industry's most well-known personalities.